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"You don't take a photograph, you make it."

Leave it to good ol' Ansel Adams to provide that pearl of wisdom. But when it comes to interiors photography– it's especially true. The amount of time and coordination that goes into capturing just one shot of a space is usually far great than most people would ever suspect. There's dealing with the limitations of the space– including the rather limited size of New York City condos and homes, dealing with natural light (or oftentimes the lack thereof), making sure that the lines of the photo are perfectly aligned, capturing the vibrance of certain design details, just to name a few.

We plan our photoshoots months in advance, working with the photographers in advance to provide them with scouting photos and shot lists, coordinating with the homeowner to understand what time of year when natural light is best for that property, and also dealing with the always-fun reality of getting the proper permits from building managements for condo properties in New York city.

The results speak for themselves, however. We feel that it's worth all the effort (and then some!) to secure the highest quality photographs of a space after the months and sometimes years it takes to transform it. Below please enjoy some photos of a multiple day photoshoot we oversaw for a recently-completed triplex in the Meatpacking District that was 3 years in the making. We're thrilled with how the photos turned out and it seems that Marie Claire Maison Italia was too after including these in a 6-page spread for their April design issue.

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